Receive SMS

Being able to receive sms programmatically allows you to automate many procedures (e.g. accepting customer feedback, brochure requests, database updates, etc.) and have them triggered through a mobile user's MO sms. The result huge savings in time and money. And, for mobile users, texting' provides a channel of communication which is far more attractive than a call center queue. It makes the ideal call to action, giving mobile users a fast and simple way to act upon their impulse, thereby ensuring the highest response rates.

Receiving Number

Receiving sms requires the use of specialized numbers connected to our messaging platforms. We provide a range ofreadily-available numbers with multiple access levels and can also support customer-supplied numbers.

Message Handling

SMS handling determines the way in which the sms you receive are handled. We provide several handling methods that makes things easy for you and help you provide the most dynamic of services.